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Please feel free to download some wallpapers to decorate your desktop. The 'new' desktop wallpaper pictures are available in nine different resolutions: Monitor-friendly, Powerbook-friendly and Studio-Display-friendly `.´ for all your desktop decoration needs..:

Studio Display

All pictures are for personal entertainment only! thank you!

..more Finland- and Berlin-related Desktop-Wallpapers available at bilderbook..

Football World Cup 2006
wallpaper set 'Football World Cup 2006', featuring a football field, nicely streched into space, goes very well along with the team shirt icon set (58 shirts of all the 32 teams, one referee shirt, one yellow card, one red card - and a 'classic design' ball)

Berlin TV-Tower (III)
the Berlin TV-Tower on a cold but nice winter day...
Berlin TV-Tower (II)
Berlin TV-Tower (II)
the Berlin TV-Tower sunk in the autumn's foggy clouds...
Berlin TV-Tower (I)

Berlin TV-Tower (I)
a nice view to the TV-Tower from a hill located deep in the concrete jungle of the East of Berlin.
Pixel Wallpaper Kontula - Helsinki
here comes another wallpaper featuring some szene from my final thesis work "catsbox" - Kontula, a cute little concrete jungle nearby Helsinki, Finland.
the wallpaper comes again three resolution and brings along a set of cute little icons to play with :)
Pixel Winter: Vallila - Helsinki
Pixel Wallpaper -  Winter: Vallila - Helsinki
here comes another scene from my Final Thesis work - "catsbox" - together with some small car icons and a tram. And again it shows this crossroad from Vallila, Helsinki, Finland - but this time it's winter...
Pixel Wallpaper - Summer: Vallila - Helsinki
here comes some scene from my Final Thesis work - "catsbox" - together with some small car icons and a tram. It shows some crossroad from Vallila, Helsinki, Finland - and together with the small car icons and the tram you can play with your files'n'folders like you've never played before :)
a Berliner Wall (in Moabit)
my first (and so far only) balcony used to provide this view - to this berlin wall with this satelite dish..
Riget Hospital Copenhagen
the 'riget hospital' appeared as the main actor in Lars von Trier's 'Riget' ('The Kingdom'). If you see it (the video) at your local video store then go get it - and see it. Enjoy! And if you are in Kopenhaven, you can go and see it (the hospital) in its natural environment (nice view as seen on this desktop picture can be enjoyed from the 'Round Tower').
bird on telegraph strings..
the birds know... (who else, if not them) They've been sitting on the wires of technology - ever since...
red stones - Berlin
some red stones in some dirty water with some man in some yello walking through some background... in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
Berlin: after hour @ Mauerpark Prtenzlauer Berg
auauaua - after hour. Some 1st-of-May leftovers at Mauerpark (Prenzlauer Berg) - where this year (2003) also some of the famous / infamous 1st-of-May riots took place.

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