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Line-Up - Euro Football Championship 2008

line up top view space view upper view side view

The final "line up" desktop wallpaper 2008 - a vector style football field designed for trying out and/or playing with different team line ups for the upcoming final matches of the european football championship 2008. Of course you could also just use it as a regular desktop decoration - but it just looks great in combination with the team shirt /tricot icon set I recently made for the Euro Football championship 2008 (2x 16 Icons team shirt icons of the 16 participating teams (featuring their specific Euro Championship Designs), two referee shirts, a yellow card, a red card - and of course a football featuring the 'classic football design'…:]

download wallpaper 'Final Euro Line-Up 2008':

Screen (~4:3)
MacBook Pro,
Power Book
Studio Display,
TFT-Screens (~16:9)

->  football icons mac and please feel free to
download the 2008 Euro Cup team shirt icons

For personal use only!

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any of the pictures and use'em as a
desktop background on your computer.

Please do NOT "hotlink" or "hijack" any
of the pictures e.g. as a background picture
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