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'European Football Championship - Team-Shirt-Icons - 2008'

Ball Referee.gif

Germany   Holland   Italy   Portugal
Croatia   Turkey   Russia   Spain
  football field - desktop wallpaper

2x 16 Mini-Team-Tricot-Icons featuring the design of the 16 participating football teams, two referee shirts, a yellow card, a red card - and a football in the 'classic' football design...

-> here's the Icon-Download page (Mac+PC)


Football World Cup 2006

referee shirt

Germany   Poland   Costa Rica   Ecuador
England   Sweden   Paraguay   Trinidad and Tobago
  football field - desktop wallpaper

'Football World Cup Shirts 2006', featuring 58 shirts of 32 teams, one referee shirt, one yellow card, one red card - and a 'classic design' ball. For the first time I managed to save the icons for both Macintosh AND Windows desktops..

-> download the icons (Mac+PC) from here

-> download the appropriate wallpaper pix from here



A complete set of hand pixeled icons and wallpapers that cosists of various different small car icons, tram icons and now NEW: bus icons and a public telephone box icon. And then there's also the 'wallpaper' in different resolutions, resembling some corner of Kontula, a beautiful concrete jungle neighbourhood in Helsinki, Finland. Have a look at this panorama picture.



A complete set of icons and wallpapers that cosists of many small car icons, two tram icons and a wallpaper in various resolutions, showing some corner of Vallila, a beautiful wooden house living area in Helsinki, Finland.
The set quotes some visual aspects of my Final Thesis work. Some more about this can be found here, at catsbox.net


lomo camera icon

One single icon for all you LOMO-Lovers out there! I'm an enthusiastic LOMO-Lover myself. It's just a shame that my camera obviously broke down.. which just sometimes happens with them.
Lomo-wise there's not much to see -but this little icon. Sooner or later i will probably scan and then post some LOMO-pictures here.. but for now you'll have to stick to this icon.


hello disk icons (in RGB)

I did these disk icons originally for some small disks I prepared for a trip to Japan in 1999. And that's what they're actually perfect for: for little give-aways, gifts and sample disks. So if you want to say hello to your future boss, give him your portfolio on a hello-disk and he'll be impressed from the very first moment on.


desktop icons

these icons' purpose was to have some 32x32 pictures for the 'FREE'-page of my homepage.. which you are obviously browsing at the moment. The most difficult part was to find an icon for the icons section - I know, it's not very original - but it shurely IS a difficult task to design an icon for 'icons' ..:)


nikon coolpix camera icon

another camera icon :: the Nikon Coolpix 995. Probably one of the greatest toys   of our times    of all times   ..! (It's just a shame that you can't use it to make phone calls or chck you eMail)


red scout icongreen scout iconblue scout icon

I don't know about you - but i did have a SCOUT. And if i just could have taken more care of it, i would shurely still use it...
That's the two things a SCOUT is just perfect for: keeping the kids safe on their way to school, carrying their heavy loads of school books - and taking care of one's records on the way to the party or on the way back from the fleemarket once you're a bit older.
And since there isn't almost anything that wouldn't fit in a SCOUT, it is just perfect for labeling your folders on your favourite desktop.


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