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D.I.Y. festoon flags

festoon flags germany spain
free football festoon fan flags - download, .cut out, draw, hang -> watch the game..

Free D.I.Y. TV-Tower

Berlin TV-Tower

Finally ::

The Berlin Fernsehturm a.k.a. TV-Tower

> download it
> print it out
> pre-fold it carefully
  (use the back of a spoon and a ruler to make it straight)
> cut it out
> fold it thoroughly
> glue it together

    `-> voilà :: your self-made D.I.Y. souvenir from Berlin is ready to get in position.
And if you like you may send me a picture of your TV-Tower `.´ to be posted here -> mail[at]thisdomain
...thanx. t...


free pizza download

And again another dream come true::

Pizza to Download

+ easy to download and print-out
+ no danger of crumbs
+ no more sticky fingers!!
+ have always two slices of freshest Pizza on your desktop!!!
+ or give'em away to someone who badly needs some :)


free coffee download

a dream came true: free coffee to download!

and even better:: download the full mug and you get an additional empty one!!

and the best part is:: it's all for free!!!

+ easy to download and print-out

• place it next to your keyboard - no danger of spilling anything
• stick it on the monitor and show-off at work
• give it away to someone who badly needs it


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